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Enjoy the little artwork I have... T^T


Root Goblin by Tanglewood-Thicket Root Goblin :icontanglewood-thicket:Tanglewood-Thicket 30 8 Olive, theJackolope by Tanglewood-Thicket Olive, theJackolope :icontanglewood-thicket:Tanglewood-Thicket 59 5 Loki Helmet WIP 1 by cclelouchfan Loki Helmet WIP 1 :iconcclelouchfan:cclelouchfan 54 43
Wish of an Emerald Star: Prolouge
Part 1: Prolouge
Bruce Banner looked solemnly down into his coffee cup. Around him, the other Avengers were discussing threats, reviewing SHEILD reports, and the like.
Tony was currently examining several holo-screens and having a minor discussion with Natasha, who seemed to be growing agrrivated with the billionaire playboy.
Steve was sitting across from Bruce, drinking his morning coffee and reading the News Articles with interest. Hawkeye sat on a ceiling beam above them, examining his cross-bow for any scratch marks or damage.
All were unaware of the scientist's sulking.
"I'm telling you, the reports don't match up! If there was an anomaly in that vector, then the scan would have notified us and we would have been deployed!"
"And I'm telling you, my software does NOT glitch!"
"You are incorigible!"
"And you are stubborn!"
Steve looked over at the two arguing avengers from over his newspaper. "Ah, quit it you two. Leave an old man to read in peace."
Clint snickered from his perch in
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 136 83
ThorXReader Annoying
"But why not?" You whined, trailing after your friend.
"Because." He answered, obviously irritated.
"But WHYYYYY?" You whined.
"You are annoying."
You pouted for a moment before tackling him to the ground.
"Wanna see what's annoying?" You asked, grinning as he gulped, clearly shaken up by what you had just said.
"What?" The Young Prince asked.
"LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI LOKI!" You cried. Shortly after, the Demigod appeared behind you two.
"What do you wan-OH MY ODIN, WHY?!" Loki shouted, seeing the pose you both were in.
Thor blushed a deep red, one that would make a Jotuns' eyes seem pink.
You whispered to the Young Prince beneath you,
"Ain't that just annoying? Now, will you let me have a piggyback ride?"
"Oh my Odin, is that really why I'm here?" An annoyed Loki grumbled before disappearing, probably off to the Library.
"Oh, fine, (y/n)." Thor grumbled as you 'Squee'ed, jumping off of him.
:iconjeb4700:jeb4700 118 20
LokiXReader Staring Contest
You stared ahead, you eyes boring into the greenish blue ones that looked back at you.
"Give up, mortal, you are no match for me." The raven haired Prince boasted, a small hint of a smile painted onto his features.
"Do NOT make me cheat, you bragging bast-"
"Oh hush, (y/n)," The Young Prince leaned in, grinning, "Just give in. You know I will win."
With that, you blew in his face, and watched as he went from cocky to surprised, blinking with anger a moment later.
"You cheated!" He roared at you.
You inspected your finger nails, "I told you I would."
"You suck." He growled softly, looking ready to lunge at you.
"Not you if you keep this bad behavior up."
His face flushed red as he barked something inaudible at you.
"Oh do shut up, you're wasting time when we could be doing something else."
Once again, his face flushed at your words.
"What do you suggest?" He asked, hoping it would involve a bedroom, a bed, and a ban on clothes.
"Another staring contest?"
He grinned before returning to h
:iconjeb4700:jeb4700 461 27
Steve RogersXReader White Lightning Problems
You froze outside the door.
You were going to visit your friend, who was currently being taken care of by Tony. Jarvis let you in, and now you were outside Steves' room, and were hearing. . .Things.
Wearing a blush that made your face feel like fire, you coughed lightly, hoping he would hear you.
He didn't.
You face palmed internally, your breath hitching as you listened to him. You turned to leave, before deciding against it.
You opened the door and shut your eyes tightly, preparing to see a naked soldier.
"Oh, hi, (y/n)!" The soldier commented, you opened your eyes to see him smiling, fully clothed, and with a 3DS in hand.
"W-what are you doing?" You asked, looking at him. He lifted the 3DS and frowned a bit.
"The Man of Metal allowed me to play this game to grow more accustomed to this time. He calls this game 'Pokemon'."
You looked at him, befo
:iconjeb4700:jeb4700 193 20
It is said by legend that there was once two brothers, but one triumphed the other in everything.
The triumphant brother was chosen to be king, much to the other ones' dismay.
And so the stones were set to fall. Within years, the others' jealousy knew no end. He had tried to take over Midguard and failed. That was a thunder shock to his pride.
Anger and jealousy brewed in the less favored brother, until it began to burst. With a new goal in sights, he attacked.
The chosen brother of the two was not prepared, and was easily taken over.
The less favored brother became the triumphant, he failed at taking over Midguard, yes, but he took over Asgard easily.
He became King.
The triumphant, and now failure of a king, now rots away in a cell thousands of thousands of feet below, they say.
Being a magical being, the new King made himself immortal, and his name now rang out in the hearts of all, for good or for evil reasons.
----End of Foreknowledge----
You slipped awa
:iconjeb4700:jeb4700 59 11
May I Have This Dance? [Tom Hiddleston X Reader]
Tonight was the night. The night of the annual DWTS after season celebration. Is was a celebration of victory for the ones who were skilled enough to win the coveted mirror ball trophy and also a chance for everyone to come together as one big group and have a great time before you all had to go back to your separate lives.
You were one of the professional dancers who was just this year employed to be on the ever popular ABC television show, Dancing With The Stars. You had over 15 years of dance experience and you were lucky enough to be picked by the producers of the show to be the replacement for one of the other dancers who could not compete due to a medical injury that said she could not dance. This was your chance. Your turn to show your dancing expertise to the world. You secretly hoped that the producers would see your talent and make you part of the permanent cast of dancers. This was your first ever season and boy... what a season it was.
You remembered it all perfectly. From
:iconagentlaufeyson:AgentLaufeyson 158 79
Tom Hiddleston X Reader One-Shot- Not Over You
Tom gazed out the window, his chin buried in his wrist as he sighed wistfully. The number of fans gathering in front of him and Chris swelled as the minutes swept by. Fan after fan, begging for an autograph, acting as though he would refuse, though he always signed the pictures, posters, or movies happily. A thought entered his mind, a thought of a beautiful young girl, prancing up to him confidently, her voice clear, "Can you sign this? Please?" The 'Please?' squeaked out of her mouth, seemingly without her knowing it had came out, before too late. He smiled up at her, took the object she had, a poster, and signed it. Her (E/C) eyes gleamed as she grinned, showing off white teeth in a perfect row. She was beautiful.
A moment later, Chris Hemsworth poked him, springing him from his daydream, to see a teenager, about the age of thirteen, gaze down at him, holding a picture of him in his Loki costume dutifully, waiting for him to sign it. He hadn't heard if she said anything, but took th
:iconjeb4700:jeb4700 47 4
Fragmented Thoughts Chapter 22 (ReaderxLoki)
Winter. It's freezing outside, a calming white blanket covering the New York landscape. The blizzard has slowed to a light snowstorm. Small flurries of ice fall from the sky to land on the window and you touch the glass carefully, feeling the freezing temperature from outside. Behind you, Steve and Tony are talking about a public appearance and in the corner, Barton and Thor are drinking Coors and chatting about manly things that you don't care to hear. Bruce and Natasha are at the kitchen table, discussing something pointless and had seen him around, but since the night he held you, you've kept your distance for fear of awkwardness. He is present, however - decorating the Christmas tree by using his magic to lift the ornaments. Cheater.
You hear the clicking heels of Natasha's boots behind you as she crosses the room. She speaks up to everyone, "Hey, why don't we help Loki with the tree?"
"Oh, I'm up for that," Clint raises his hand and sets his beer down. Thor does the sam
:iconamericanangel117:AmericanAngel117 53 12
The Doctor (Tom Hiddleston) X Reader (one shot)
It was piratically almost midnight in London, England, You were walking along the trails of Hyde Park as you suddenly heard a strange noise coming from behind you, you happened to be talking on your cellphone.
"Ohy... mum, I'll call you back, okay?" You quickly hung up the phone and put it in your bag, You turned around as suddenly you saw a big blue Telephone box sitting feet away from you.
You gasped as suddenly the door opened and a tall man in a clean blue suit, his giner curly hair was slicked back, his bright greenish-blue eyes sparkled when the light shined in his face as he smiled at you.
"Ohy! That damn box was not there a few moments ago!" You said taking a step back.
"Ohy! It's not a damn box, she's the Tardis" The man smiled.
You looked at him strangely, "Alrighty than.... and what exactly does Tardis mean...? You asked looking at the man strangely.
"Time And Relative Dimension In Space..." The man smiled.
"Okay than.... um strange man... You have fun with your Police box..
:iconmind-wolf:Mind-Wolf 63 18
Neverland - Color by SquirrelShaver Neverland - Color :iconsquirrelshaver:SquirrelShaver 1,158 72 .neverland. by Kitsume-chan .neverland. :iconkitsume-chan:Kitsume-chan 208 59 Neverland by LolosArt Neverland :iconlolosart:LolosArt 399 89
These are some of my favorite pieces! Hope you'll check them out as well as the artists!


I. Can't. Breathe.

I can't even wat no wat is air like really what is it what is this thing you call 'air' no ahh help make it stop breathe person breathe please dear sweet mother of Celestia please



Vanelope She's so cute. :iconretardiloveitplz: AND FELIX AND CA-WHAT'S HER BUCKET IT'S SO CUUUTE AAAH I DON'T KNOW HOW AHHH

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